Recruitment of Research Staff for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Institute of Precision Medicine

Scholarship:  Fully-funded
Degree:   B.S., Master, PhD
Nationality: International Students
Location: CHINA
Application deadlines: open until filled.

Scholarship Description:

The Greater Bay Area Institute of Precision Medicine (Guangzhou) (hereinafter referred to as “the Institute”) is a provincial institution jointly organised by the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government, the Guangzhou Nansha Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee and Fudan University. The Institute is located in the Nansha District of Guangzhou City, the geographical and geometric centre of the Greater Bay Area.

The Institute is headed by Jin Li, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of Fudan University, with Professor Lin Xinhua, Dean of the School of Life Sciences of Fudan University and Director of the State Key Laboratory of Genetic Engineering, as Executive Director. Focusing on major industrial technology directions, eight research centres have been set up in health care electronics, smart medicine, mitochondrial genetics and health, organoid and regenerative medicine, cell therapy and immunotherapy, original new drugs, precision diagnostics and genomic technology; with the objective of providing high-end biomedical technology services, 10 high-level public technology service platforms have been established in nucleic acidomics, proteomics, metabolomics and precision medicine data.

Available Subjects:

  • Institute of Genetic Diseases: Focusing on genetic diseases and rare diseases, the Institute analyses the mechanisms of disease development and develops new technologies and methods such as early diagnosis and screening and gene therapy.
  • Institute of Cancer Prevention and Treatment: Research on the epidemiology and precise prevention and treatment of common malignant tumours.
  • Institute of Neurological Diseases: Research on the precise prevention, diagnosis and treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases.
  • Institute of Geriatric Health: To analyse the physiological and pathological mechanisms associated with ageing, and to develop early diagnosis and rehabilitation treatment methods for common geriatric diseases.
  • Health Care Electronics Research Centre: Research, development and design of electronic medical devices for public health and healthcare, for use in telemedicine, mobile medicine, smart medicine and precision medicine and other related fields.
  • Smart Medicine Research Centre: Data-based and algorithm-based to analyse disease risks, explore pharmaceutical targets, enhance clinical decision-making and improve human life.
  • Centre for Mitochondrial Genetics and Health Research: Based on elucidating the important role and specific mechanisms of mitochondrial genetics in the occurrence, prevention and treatment of diseases, we will conduct scientific research and social services.
  • Research Centre for Organoid and Regenerative Medicine: An innovative translational medicine research centre focusing on the development and application of cutting-edge technologies such as organoid biospecimen banking for human diseases, organoid cultivation, organoid high-throughput drug-sensitive systems, organoid diseases and regenerative medicine, and is developing new products for organoid precision medicine applications and regenerative medicine, striving to become a world-class translational research institution for organoid and regenerative medicine.
  • Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy Research Centre: Focusing on major human diseases such as malignant tumours and autoimmune diseases, the Centre is developing new therapeutic strategies and methods with the frontier core technology development of cell therapy and immunotherapy as its source and clinical applications as its target.
  • Original New Drug Research Centre: Using original research results as the source, the Centre will discover new drug targets, develop new animal models and elucidate molecular pharmacological mechanisms of action for the precise creation of new forms of drugs based on the needs of major diseases.
  • Precision Diagnostics Research Centre: Based on multi-omics technologies, discover novel biomarkers and develop new products for early screening, early diagnosis and concomitant diagnosis of diseases. Research and development of new technologies and products for molecular pathology and molecular imaging diagnosis.
  • Genomic Technology Research Centre: a research centre based on the development of cutting-edge technologies such as human genome, macro genome, gene editing and gene therapy, which in turn will enable the clinical translation of innovative results.

Eligibility criteria:

  • holding an associate professorship or equivalent position in a well-known university, research institute or well-known enterprise at home and abroad
  • having world-leading research level or high international academic influence.

Application Procedure:

  • Interested applicants should send a detailed curriculum vitae (including study experience, research or work experience, main academic directions and representative contributions, list of representative papers (no more than 10), brief description of industrialisation projects undertaken and participated in, awards and honours received, etc.) by email to [email protected] (Ms Fu), with the following subject line “Institute/research centre-professional direction-position-name”.