A postdoctoral position is available for highly motivated candidates in the laboratory of Dr. Bokai Zhu at the Aging Institute of University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Scholarship: Full award
Degree: Ph.D
Nationality: International Students
Location: USA
Application deadlines: Open until filled

Scholarship Description:

The Zhu lab studies the regulation and function of the dynamic proteostasis pathways, with a focus on the intriguing 12h ultradian rhythm of proteostasis[Zhu et al., Cell Metabolism, 2017; Pan et al., PLoS Biology2020;Meng et al., Nature Communications2020]. More recently, Zhu and colleagues uncovered that nuclear speckle liquid-liquid phase separation dynamics drives XBP1s-mediated proteostasistranscriptional program to maintain metabolic homeostasis, and protects against liver aging and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases(Dion et al., Science Advances, 2022). For his exceptional creativity, Dr. Zhu was awarded the highly competitive and prestigious NIH Director’s New Innovator Award(https://ai.dom.pitt.edu/dr-bokai-zhu-receives-nih-directors-new-innovator-award/). The Zhu lab is currently investigating the transcriptional/epigenetic regulation as well as the physiological/pathological functions of the rhythmic proteostasiscontrol, with an emphasis on its roles in maintaining metabolic homeostasis and preventing aging-associated diseases(including NAFLD and neurodegenerative diseases). Acombination of state-of-the-art computational, biochemical, genetic, cellular, imaging and genomic approaches is currently utilized in the lab. For a detailed description of the research performed in Zhu lab, please visit http://www.bzhulab.com. 

The search is primarily targeted towards scientists who recentlyfinished their PhD. Start date is immediate and flexible. Candidates should ideally have received a doctoral degree no more than 4years before the start date. Researchers with a passion in systemic and quantitative chronobiology, cell biology, metabolism and endocrinology, neurodegenerative diseases, molecular biology, gene regulation and epigenetics are welcome to apply.

Available Subjects:

Studying nuclear condensates in transcriptional regulation of proteostasis, metabolism and aging

Eligibility criteria:

Expertise in any of the following areas is highly valued:

  • • In vivo mouse circadian and hepatic metabolism techniques, including IP and tail vein injection techniques, CLAMS system to study energy expenditure, and various metabolic phenotyping.
  • • Experiences in using iPSC to study cellular basis of neurodegenerative diseases, experiences with mouse models of Tau and/or Aβ neuropathology.
  • • Molecular biology, biochemistry and experiences in the field of transcriptional regulation of gene expression, functional genomics, chromatin biology, epigenetics, with expertise in performing ChIP/CUT&RUN assay, generating and analyzing next-generation sequencing dataset, etc. 
  • • Cell biology with expertise in quantitative imaging such as fluorescence time-lapse microscopy, super-resolution microscopy, and image analysis.

Application Procedure:

To apply, please send a detailed CV and contact information of three referees to Dr. Bokai Zhu at [email protected].