Aalto University in Finland, one of Europe’s leading universities, several doctoral fellowships

Scholarship:  Fully funded
Degree:  PhD
Nationality: International Students
Location: Finland/Europe
Application deadlines: Open

Scholarship Description:

Aalto University (Aalto), located in Helsinki, Finland, is an old and innovative Nordic institution of higher education and a member of the Nordic Five. Its history dates back to the founding of the Helsinki University of Technology in 1849, and it was established in 2010 through the merger of the Helsinki University of Technology, the Helsinki University of Art and Design, and the Helsinki School of Economics, which were renowned universities in their respective fields. More than half of Finland’s engineers come from the university, which specializes in education and research in engineering and technology, design, and business.

Aalto is ranked 110th in the world in the 2022 QS World Engineering Technology Ranking. The sub-discipline rankings are: Architecture (42), Computer Science and Information Systems (84), Materials Science (95), Electrical and Electronic Engineering (97); as well as 6th in the world for Art and Design and 74th in the world for Business and Management Studies.

The name Aalto University honors and commemorates Alvar Aalto, a world-renowned Finnish architect who made significant contributions to science, technology, business and the arts. The current rector is Professor Ilkka Niemelä, a world-renowned expert in computer and artificial intelligence.

Aalto University is ranked 112 in the world in the 2022 QS World University Rankings.

 Available Subjects:

  1. Position: Postdoctoral Researcher in Mechanical Engineering
    The successful candidate will work in unique research facilities such as the Aalto Ice and Wave Tank, the Aalto Digital Design Laboratory (ADDLAB) and the Aalto Industrial Internet Campus (AIIC), which provide an excellent infrastructure for researchers and students. Other important parts of the infrastructure include the Materials and Manufacturing Engineering and Transportation Engineering laboratories. We also have full mechanical and structural engineering test halls. In addition, the school has a state-of-the-art research environment for energy technology, including an optical diagnostic tool for energy conversion, a test simulator for renewable energy systems, and an indoor air distribution test room.
    Deadline: 17.3.2023
  2. Position: Postdoctoral Researcher in Quantum Nanomechanics
    In this project, the goal is to touch on a century-old physics mystery: despite its success in describing phenomena in the low-energy limit, quantum mechanics is incompatible with general relativity, which describes gravity and enormous energy. The interface between the two remains experimentally elusive, since only the most violent events in the universe are thought to have measurable effects due to the plausible quantum behavior of gravity. Our goal is to detect gravity for the first time in a quantum system. We use mechanical oscillators loaded by milligram masses and bring two such gravitationally interacting oscillators into a non-classical state of motion. Initially, we will measure the gravitational force between gold particles weighing up to one milligram, the
    Deadline: 31.3.2023
  3. Position: Postdoc on Anyon particles and topological phenomena in the Designer platform
    We are seeking applications to the experimental study of anyon particles and topological phenomena in the NANO group at the Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University, Finland. We are leading research on quantum technologies based on hybrid van der Waals quantum materials. These hybrid circuits form a promising avenue for emerging topological quantum technologies. Our research focuses on the development of ultrasensitive quantum sensors based on charge, flux and phonons in two-dimensional materials. We are part of the Finnish Center of Excellence in Quantum Technologies (CoE QTF), the national flagship program for quantum science and technology research. Our researchers collaborate with several top academic groups and quantum technology companies in Finland and around the world.
    Deadline: 1.3.2023
  4. Position: Anyon Quantum Technologies Postdoctoral Fellow
    The NANO group at the Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University, Finland, offers an experimental postdoctoral position in the field of superconducting quantum correlations in topological materials. We are leading in the field of quantum and superconducting hybrid circuits based on novel two-dimensional van der Waals materials. These hybrid circuits form a promising direction in the emerging field of quantum technology, enabling ultra-sensitive sensors to detect fluxes, charges and phonons at the sensitivity limits specified by quantum mechanics. This area of research has made tremendous progress in recent years and now offers a wealth of exciting opportunities for young scientists in academia and industry.
    Deadline: 1.3.2023
  5. Position: Biochemistry/Enzymology Postdoctoral Fellow
    The goal is to functionally express and test key enzymes for the conversion of CO2 to fuel. The postdoctoral position focuses on metalloorganic enzymes involved in alkyl transfer, which requires oxygen-sensitive cofactors containing reduced metal centers (e.g. Co or Ni). The actual research is at the basic level, but the long-term goal is to design new routes to generate renewable fuels from CO2.
    Deadline: 28.2.2023