Postdoctoral and PhD recruitment in Yangsong Miao’s group at Nanyang Technological University

Scholarship: Fully-Funded
Degree: Bachelor/Master, Ph.D
Nationality: International Students
Location: Singapore
Application deadlines: Open until it is full

Scholarship Description:

PI: Yansong Miao, School of Life Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (Associate Professor & Nanyang Distinguished Professor & EMBO Global Investigator). Prof. Miao received his undergraduate degree from Zhejiang University, Ph.D. degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Plant Cell Biology), and postdoctoral fellowship (HFSP Long-term fellow) in the laboratory of David Drubin, Cell Molecular Biology (Yeast Cell and Biochemistry) at the University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A. He joined Nanyang as a Distinguished Assistant Professor in 2015 and is now a tenured professor.

His lab focuses on the regulation of cellular signaling pathways by protein macromolecular condensates (phase transitions). We are now focusing on two major classes of biological pathways, fungal polar growth and plant immune activation in plant pathogen interactions. We focus on how signaling macromolecule proteins are stimulated by various biological signals to undergo macromolecular assembly, control biological signaling by generating membrane-bound membraneless organelles on biological membranes, and regulate the physical and biochemical properties of the cohesions. Prof. Miao’s group conducts fundamental research based on interdisciplinary techniques and works on signal reorganization to modify signaling pathways to lay the foundation for future synthetic biology. We use ultramicroscopic imaging, single-molecule imaging, and in vitro bilayer membrane and protein recombination to study and reconstruct signaling pathways. We design modifications based on mechanobiology, material physics of biomolecular assembly. Major long-term partners are computational simulation of macromolecular assembly, structural biology, quantum physical biology, and bioengineering of nanomaterials. Prof. Miao’s recent cross-disciplinary research has been recognized by the European Molecular Biology Organization as an EMBO Global Investigator.

At this stage, we are developing a series of cross-cutting and novel cutting-edge technologies to address the fundamental theories necessary for synthetic biology and systems biology. We invite outstanding young people to join our group to explore the frontiers of science and technology and to open up new areas for research.

Lab home page:

Available Subjects:

  • (1) To analyze how the assembly and phase transition of biomass membranes and protein macromolecules dynamically regulate the immune activation of plants, evolving with the progress of their interactions with pathogens.
  • (2) To analyze how fungal polar growth macromolecular complexes assemble over time and space to regulate polar growth and are biologically regulated by environmental mechanics and chemistry.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. have obtained or will obtain a degree in biology, biochemistry, biophysics or a related field of study at home or abroad.
  • a. Technical experience in cell imaging analysis and structural biology, relevant research experience is preferred, e.g. high precision cell imaging (TIRF, SDC, super-resolution), protein/phospholipid-associated biochemistry (FPLC- based protein purification, protein interactions assays, lipid-bilayer reconstitution)
  • b. Research experience in plant disease resistance or fungal biology is preferred.
  1. Good communication and teamwork skills, hardworking, honest, supportive and motivated.

Application Procedure:

Applicants should provide a complete CV in English + 3 representative articles, unified into a PDF file, no larger than 10Mb, named “Postdoc Application-Miao Lab-YOUR NAME”. Send an email to PI at [email protected]; application materials are absolutely confidential, after passing the preliminary selection, we will contact the candidate and arrange ZOOM interview; this recruitment notice is valid for a long time, until it is full.

Position 2: PhD students: (2-3 people)

Excellent undergraduate study background, good laboratory research experience, good English foundation, GRE and TOEFL/IELTS scores.

Applicants should provide a complete CV in English, and send an email to PI at [email protected];