Two full-time postdoctoral fellow positions are available immediately at Washington University in St. Louis.

Scholarship:  Full benefits as per university rule
Degree: PhD
Nationality: International Students
Location: USA
Application deadlines:  Spring/Summer of 2023 until the positions are filled

Scholarship Description:

Dr. Shen graduated from Peking University with a Ph.D. in physical chemistry and structural biology, completed hispostdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital, and will be joining Washington University School of Medicine in January 2023. He has an excellent track record in biochemistry, structural biology, and inflammasome biology, demonstrated by the selected first/co-first author papers: Shen, Li et al., Cell, 2021; Shen et al., PNAS, 2019; Shen, Vohra et al., PNAS, 2021; Zheng, Shen, Wang, Rawson et al., Science Advance, 2022.

 Shen lab focuses on studying the molecular mechanisms of host-pathogen interaction using structural and biochemical tools with the ultimate goal to provide the foundation for the development of therapeutics targeting inflammatory bowel disease and various infectious diseases. The major questions include: 1. How do virulence factors produced by pathogens hijack the host protein (HIV infection, gram-positive bacterial infection)? 2. How do innate immune receptors (NOD-like receptors)sense pathogen-associated molecular patterns? We are also interested in studying the mechanisms of infection-induced chronic diseases in the long term.

 Washington University in St. Louis is a prestigious university which ranks 15th in the 2023 US News. TheDivision of Infectious Disease is a national leader in infectious disease research, making tremendous contributions to the fight against SARS-CoV-2 through mechanistic studies and vaccine development. Shen lab will establish extensive collaborations with PIs in the Department of Medicine, molecular microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, and developmental biology. The exceptional academic environment and strong connections will nurture the growth of scholars.

 Located in the heartland of the United States, St. Louis is one of the most affordable U.S. cities to live in, with vibrant music, impressive Midwestern food, and beautiful scenery.In recent years, St. Louis has become one of the top-rising cities for startups, according to Forbes, and in 2021, TIME named the city as the world’s greatest place. WashU’s medical campus borders Forest Park, one of the largest urban parks in the country. The park includes city’s art museum, zoo, science center, and other free attractions, offering an expansive area to explore recreational and cultural interests. Here, the excitement and amenities of a big city are readily available without the high cost of living.

Available Subjects:

  • Biological science (or related fields)

Eligibility criteria:

  • Have a strong background in biochemistry, cell biology, or structural biology.
  • Experience in mammalian cell culture, and/orcryo-EM/EM data processing is beneficial but not necessary. 
  • A proven track record of publications andexcellent written and oral communication skills are required.

Application Procedure:

  • To apply, please email the following to Dr. Chen Shen [email protected]:
  • 1. CV including the description of technical expertise; 2. Cover letter describing your past and current research activity, a brief statement of achievements. 3. Contact information of 2 to 3 references.