Dr. Gao’s lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago is looking for a postdoctoral fellow.

Scholarship:  Full benefits as per university rule
Degree: PhD
Nationality: International Students
Location: USA
Application deadlines fall of 2023

Scholarship Description:

Living organisms are composed of structures spanning orders of magnitude in size, and are assembled from tens of thousands of, if not more, distinct molecular entities. Our group’s research centers on the molecular nature of biological structures and processes. We explore how basic molecular building blocks—such as proteins, lipids, and RNAs—assemble and interact with one another to achieve specific biological functions, or instead cause dysfunctions.

We develop chemical, physical, and biomolecular tools that map and track these molecular building blocks at their natural length scale and temporal resolution. Basing our approach on chemical synthesis and molecular biology, we apply state-of-the-art methods in light/electron microscopy, bioengineering, and computational sciences to a range of biological questions at the molecular scale.(More about our lab: http://www.gaogroup.site/)

Available Subjects:

  • Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, or related fields

Eligibility criteria:

  • We are looking for an enthusiastic postdoc candidate with chemicalsynthesis and biochemistry background to lead our multi-year project(s) in biochemistry, neurobiology, structural biology, and spatial multi-omics. The successful candidate will design small-molecule probes and linkers, perform biochemical screening, and analyze complex molecular profiles of biological and clinical specimens. The candidate is also expected to collaborate with research personnel in and outside of the lab, publish and present their scientific findings, and help disseminate the developed methods and materials.

Application Procedure: