Dr. Xie’s lab at the University of Georgia is looking for several PhD students

Scholarship: Fully funded
Degree: MS, BS
Nationality: International Students
Location: USA
Application deadlines Open

Scholarship Description:

Dr. Jin Xie’s lab focuses on novel inorganic, polymeric, protein and cellular nanomaterials for cancer therapy, imaging and drug delivery, with major research interests focused on the following areas: 1) salt nanoparticle-based therapies; 2) X-ray induced photodynamic therapy; 3) nanoparticle adjuvants for enhanced immunotherapy; 4) nanoparticle-based radiosensitizers; 5) macrophage-based drug delivery. The group currently has one postdoc, five PhD students, and several undergraduate students. The group is well funded and has a good relationship and solidarity within the group. Ms. Xie is modest and generous, intelligent and agile, and is well liked by her students. The group’s website: http://xie.uga.edu/index.html.

Available Subjects:

  • Chemistry, biology, immunology, materials science, bioengineering, or related fields

Eligibility criteria:

  • At this stage, the group is looking for 3-4 PhD students to focus on nanomaterials and drug delivery directions. Students with a solid background in chemistry, biology, immunology, materials science, bioengineering, or related fields are encouraged to apply. Minimum score required for TOEFL application: 80 overall; GRE scores are not required.

Application Procedure: