Dr. Zhang’s group at Stevens Institute of Technology (USA) is looking for a PhD and postdoctoral fellowship.

Scholarship: Fully-Funded
Degree: Bachelor/Master, Ph.D
Nationality: International Students
Location: USA
Application deadlines: Fall 2022

Scholarship Description:

The Department of Mechanics at Stevens Institute of Technology (https://www.stevens.edu/) was the first mechanical department in the country and is the birthplace of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Located close to Manhattan Island, New York, Stevens Institute of Technology is one of the top three best located universities in the country, making it easy to go to research institutions or companies after graduation. It is surrounded by Princeton University, Columbia University and New York University, as well as companies such as Brookhaven National Lab, IBM, Philips, Siemens and major Wall Street investment banks.

Group Description: Dr. Zhang is responsible for a number of US federal funding projects and has been awarded the 2022 NSF Early Career Award and NSF LEAPS Award. His publications include Nature, Nature Nanotechnology, ACS Nano, etc. with over 4200 citations. He has applied for 2 patents. Professor String Zhang is one of the first scientists in the US to do research on 2D materials, and his group has extensive links with a number of research groups, with collaborators including Columbia University and Brookhaven National Lab, to which students can apply to conduct research.

Available Subjects:

Nanofabrication and quantum science, heat transfer physics, and two-dimensional materials.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Students in the field of engineering (materials, physics, mechanics, chemicals, electronics, etc.) are welcome to contact Dr. Zhang.

Application Procedure:

PPlease send your CV, transcripts (GPA), IELTS/TOEFL (for PhD applications), and related materials to [email protected].