Postdoctoral position at University of Pittsburgh.

Scholarship: Fully funded
Degree:   PhD
Nationality: International Students
Location: USA
Application deadlines: Open

Scholarship Description:

We are delighted to announce that a postdoctoral position is now available in the laboratory of Dr. Bokai Zhu at the Aging Institute of University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Dr. Zhu is a highly acclaimed researcher and has been awarded the prestigious NIH Directors’ New Innovator Award for his exceptional creativity.

The Zhu lab studies the regulation and function of the dynamic proteostasis and metabolism, with a focus on the intriguing 12h ultradian rhythm of mRNA, protein and lipid metabolism. The lab is currently investigating the transcriptional/epigenetic regulation as well as the physiological/pathological functions of the rhythmic proteostasis control, with an emphasis on its roles in maintaining metabolic homeostasis and preventing aging-associated diseases (including NAFLD and neurodegenerative diseases). A combination of state-of-the-art computational, biochemical, genetic, cellular, imaging and genomic approaches is currently utilized in the lab.

We are seeking highly motivated candidates who are interested in an exciting and challenging research environment.

 Available Subjects:

  • Systemic and quantitative chronobiology, cell biology, metabolism and endocrinology, neurodegenerative diseases, molecular biology, gene regulation and epigenetics

Eligibility criteria:

Expertise in any of the following areas is highly valued:

  • In vivo mouse circadian and hepatic metabolism techniques, including IP and tail vein injection techniques, CLAMS system to study energy expenditure, and various metabolic phenotyping.
  • Experiences in using iPSC to study cellular basis of neurodegenerative diseases, experiences with mouse models of Tau and/or Aβ neuropathology.
  • Molecular biology, biochemistry and experiences in the field of transcriptional regulation of gene expression, biomolecule condensates, functional genomics, chromatin biology, epigenetics, with expertise in performing ChIP/CUT&RUN assay, generating and analyzing next-generation sequencing dataset, etc. 
  • Cell biology with expertise in quantitative imaging such as fluorescence time-lapse microscopy, super-resolution microscopy, and image analysis. 

Application Procedure:

  • If you believe you have the necessary qualifications and enthusiasm for the position, please visit for more information or contact Dr. Zhu directly at [email protected]