Postdoc candidates at the Northwestern University

Scholarship: Fully-funded
Degree: PH.D. or M.D./PH.D.
Nationality: International Students
Location: USA
Application deadlines:  Open

Scholarship Description:

The Northwestern University offers impressively stimulating environment for conducting scientific research. Dr. Ruli Gao’s laboratory at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine harbors both single cell sequencing technologies and computational methodologies under one roof in a spacious and quiet new building, surrounded by nationally top ranked hospitals and the Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center. Dr. Ruli Gao has significant contribution in tumor evolution fields by developing and applying single cell sequencing technologies and bioinformatic algorithms. These include development of the paradigm shift punctuated copy number evolution (PCNE) model that challenged the Darwinian Gradualism in tumor evolution (Nature Genetics, 2016), the bi-mode chemo-resistance evolution model where adaptive selection of genotypes and acquired reprogramming of phenotypes are activated in parallel (Cell, 2018), the high throughput nanogrid single nuclear RNA sequencing technology that opened the avenue of analyzing single cell transcriptomes from archival frozen tissue samples (Nature Communications, 2017), and the CopyKat, an integrative Bayesian algorithm to infer single cell genetic architecture from scRNA-seq data (Nature Biotechnology, 2021).

The Gao Laboratory is looking for highly motivated postdoc candidates, who are interested in developing and applying novel bioinformatic algorithms for single cell and third generation sequencing technologies to understand the complex genetic alterations underlying diverse human diseases.

Available Subjects:

Single cell sequencing and bioinformatic .

Eligibility criteria:

Applicants must be recently graduated PH.D. or M.D./PH.D.; Degrees in Bioinformatics, Genetics and Genomics, Computational Biology, or equivalent areas are highly preferred. 

Application Process

Interested candidates should directly send his/her CV along with the contact information of three references to Dr. Ruli Gao (Email: [email protected]; URL: