Several PhD scholarship positions at the world’s top university ETH Zurich

Scholarship:  According to the school uniform standard
Degree: BS, MS
Nationality: International Students
Location: Swiss
Application deadlines:  Until filled

Scholarship Description:

The main research interests of this (newly established) group include genomic data mining, bioinformatics software development and applications in disease research. The group has several research projects funded by the US federal government, foundations, state government, Canadian government, and Florida Atlantic University (FAU). The group has sufficient funding for research, and members can choose topics according to their individual interests and strengths. Due to the development needs, we are looking for full-awarded PhD students and postdocs in bioinformatics and computational genomics. The group has powerful computational resources (e.g., multiple high-capacity HPCs, storage space, etc.) and a large amount of case histology data (e.g., maximum ME/CFS patient multi-omics sequencing data). Group members have access to multifaceted research and career development opportunities. The new office environment is excellent and well-equipped. For more information about the group, please see the website: We warmly welcome students with high ambitions to join us!

Available Subjects:

  • (1) PhD position abstract/title: Hydroglaciological modeling
  • In the section related to this PhD project, the goal is to better understand the physical processes driving the evolution of Himalayan small glaciers at the local scale and to use the understanding gained to predict the evolution of glaciers in the region. To this end, detailed monitoring data derived from in situ and remotely sensed observations obtained by project partners in India will be used in conjunction with climate data to inform numerical models that simulate past and future glacier changes. Your task is to further develop these numerical models, assess their robustness and skill, apply them taking into account the latest climate scenarios, and use them to quantify future glacier changes and associated shifts in water availability and flow changes. These model-based activities will be targeted at local and regional scales, thereby providing information that is relevant not only to individual mountain communities, but also to regional decision-making.
  • Deadline: December 31, 2022
  • Application link.
  • (2) Doctoral Position Summary/Title: J.D. Position (Intellectual Property, Antitrust, Privacy, Internet Law, Legal Technology)
    In our group, PhD students conduct internationally oriented basic research. The doctoral thesis consists of three to four papers, written in English, and always includes an empirical or experimental component. During the first year at the center, we organize comprehensive training in social science methods for law PhD students. This may include courses in economics, political science and/or statistics at the ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich, the Gerzensee Research Center, or international summer courses. PhD students typically take three to four years to complete their dissertation. Since we want you to be able to focus on your research and dissertation, our PhD positions come with only limited organizational or teaching tasks. We provide close supervision, mentoring, time, and resources to allow you to develop as a new scholar in the field.
    Deadline: January 15, 2023
    Application link.
  • (3) PhD Position Abstract/Title: Machine Learning to Predict Response States in Digital Therapeutics
    As a PhD student, you will promote healthy longevity by developing effective digital therapies that make prevention measurable, actionable and accountable. In particular, you will use dense longitudinal behavioral and physiological data (e.g., smartphone sensor data streams) to study smartphone-based digital therapies that predict the state of receptivity, i.e., the appropriate moment when an individual is able to receive, process, and use support. To this end, your research will build on our award-winning work (ACM IMWUT Distinguished Paper Award 2022) on receptive states (Kuenzler et al. 2019 and Mishra et al. 2021). The resulting receptive state system will be used to trigger behaviorally precise interventions that slow down the biological aging process. MobileCoach (, written in Java and Javascript (ReactNative), among other technologies, will be used for your thesis project.
    Deadline: until filled
    Application link.
  • (4) Abstract/Title of the PhD position: Ground motion modeling for improved earthquake magnitude determination
    This PhD position is the core of the project “Intensive instrumental observations and numerical simulations on 3D seismic magnitudes and regional scales in Switzerland” funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). The project aims at a comprehensive study of the broad field of ground motion modeling (GMM) in Switzerland, with a focus on characterizing the scaling and attenuation of ground shaking intensity measurements most relevant to earthquake magnitude determination. Expected results of the project include
    Deadline: Until filled
    Application link.
  • (5) PhD Position Abstract/Title: Machine Learning for Mental Health Longevity
    As a PhD student, you will make prevention measurable, actionable and accountable by developing digital biomarkers of healthy longevity. In particular, you will develop a digital biomarker of mental health and well-being by analyzing dense longitudinal behavioral and physiological data (e.g., data from voice interactions, breathing patterns, and other smartphone sensor data streams). Your activity will also build on our current BEDDA, Breeze, and CanRelax projects. The resulting digital biomarker will be used to trigger behaviorally precise interventions to slow down the biological aging process. MobileCoach (, written in Java and Javascript (ReactNative), as well as other technologies (Unity), will be used for digital biomarker research.
    Deadline: until filled
    Application link.
  • (6) PhD Position Summary/Title: Multiphase Fluid Dynamics – Cavitation Bioeffects
    We seek to appoint a PhD student to conduct experimental and theoretical studies to investigate cavitation effects in ultrasound-mediated transdermal drug delivery. You will design your experimental setup using the state-of-the-art ultrafast imaging, optical and acoustic facilities available in our laboratory. You will support your experimental investigations with theoretical and numerical acoustic and fluid dynamics models based on our existing code. You will work in exciting collaboration with our colleagues in the Biomaterials Engineering Laboratory at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, which you will visit for the duration of your project. In addition to your research, you will contribute to the teaching and laboratory activities of the Institute.
    Deadline: until filled
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