Several postdoctoral fellowship positions at Wageningen University & Research, one of the top universities in the Netherlands

Scholarship:  Fully-funded
Degree:   Ph.D. and/or M.D.
Nationality: International Students
Location: Netherlands
Application deadlines: Open

Scholarship Description:

Wageningen University, or Wageningen University & Research, is located in the city of Wageningen, the center of the Food Valley in the Netherlands. Wageningen University is a world-renowned research university, a Dutch U-category university with a global reputation for ecology, agricultural sciences, life sciences, food sciences, and environmental sciences, and is recognized as the world’s leading agricultural and environmental science research institution.

Wageningen University has been ranked as the best university in the Netherlands by Keuzegids for 17 consecutive years. The university is ranked 53rd in the 2022 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, 123rd in the 2022 QS World University Rankings, 80th in the 2022 U.S. News World University Rankings, and 101st-150th in the 2021 Soft World University Academic Rankings.

Wageningen University was founded in 1876 (when it was the Dutch National Agricultural University) and currently consists of three parts: Wageningen University, the Research Center and Laurenstein College. In recent decades, as part of the Wageningen UR Research Center, it has developed into an international research institution with a strong focus on plant sciences, animal sciences, environmental sciences, agricultural sciences, bioengineering, food sciences and social sciences, dedicated to the promotion of research results in order to provide the world with sufficient and high-quality food crops. The school’s mission: To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.

Available Subjects:

  1. Position Summary: Food Quality Management “Postdoc

Are you a scientist with a passion for food quality? Are you interested in the latest developments in quality assurance, digitalization and circularization of food safety management systems, food safety culture and fraud? Would you like to strengthen our interdisciplinary research principles in the field of food quality management? Then this position in the Food Quality and Design Group could be the ideal place for you. You will have the possibility to develop your own research ideas and to contribute to our research and educational activities.

Deadline: Limited spaces available until filled

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  1. Position Summary: Postdoc in Small Gut Microbiology

This position is part of the TKI project TAPIR (HealThy fAt, haPpy mIcRobiome). the TAPIR consortium consists of 13 academic and industrial partners and aims to gain insight into the specific impact of dietary lipids on the human small intestinal microbiome and how this affects metabolic and immune health. Postdoctoral fellows (you) will be included in an active team that is passionate about the role of the gut microbiome, including the role of the small intestine. In this project, you will construct synthetic communities of the small intestinal microbiome derived from metagenomics-based predictions of dietary lipid conversion. These synthetic communities will be used to gain mechanistic insights into the degradation of dietary lipids in the small intestine, and observations will be compared and contrasted with in vivo observations and in silico predictions.

Deadline: Space is limited and will be available until filled

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  1. Position Summary: Impact of land and water use on the risk of vector-borne diseases Postdoctoral

An outstanding postdoc with experience in medical/veterinary entomology and/or disease ecology is interested in contributing to a better understanding of emerging, vector-borne diseases, with the ultimate goal of improving human and animal health. You will work in a group studying the ecology of host-vector-pathogen interactions (a health entomology group) in the Entomology Lab.

Deadline: Space is limited and open until filled

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  1. Position summary: Postdoc for odor-based selective identification of veterinary diseases at Wageningen University and research institutes

Are you a junior postdoc who wants to apply your knowledge and expertise in the “OBserved” project to develop an “electronic nose” for poultry farms? Do you have a strong interest in technological innovation and farm animal health? Would you like to form a multidisciplinary team with other researchers from different universities and universities of applied sciences and work closely with poultry farmers and farming consultants, social organizations and industrial partners? If the answer is yes, please take a look at the positions we have available at Wageningen University and Research Institute.

Deadline: Limited places available until filled

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  1. Position Summary: Postdoc in Organoid Cell Culture and Microfluidic Disease Modeling

As a postdoctoral scientist, you will contribute to the study of microbial interactions in the pathogenesis of the urinary tract. Your knowledge in the use of organs and host-microbiota interactions will be valuable to this project.

Deadline: Open until filled

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  1. Position Summary: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Integrated Host-Microbiome Modeling

Wageningen University and Research Institute is looking for a postdoctoral fellow (4 years, full time job) to be part of the PIG-PARADIGM. In this project, funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, researchers from the Laboratory of Microbiology, Host-Microbe Interactionomics, Systems and Synthetic Biology and Wageningen Livestock Research join forces with teams from Aarhus University, Denmark, the Universities of Copenhagen and Aalborg, and the University of California, Davis, USA. Our goal is to decipher the interactions of the developing pig, its diet and gut microbiome, and the effects of post-weaning stress on gut mucosal function and susceptibility to infection. We hope to translate this knowledge into new strategies to promote pig health. We will use advanced organoid-based models to study the interactions between members of the gut microbiome and with the host gut, and whether changes in diet or environment affect the gut microbiome and thus reduce antibiotic use. You will work in a team that is passionate about the role of the microbiome in the health of humans, animals, and our environment.

Deadline: Space is limited and open until filled

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  1. Position Summary: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Ultrahigh Field MRI

The focus of this position is to implement and validate microscopic imaging methods on a high/ultra-high field NMR spectrometer (14-28T) to improve sensitivity, spatial and chemical resolution for the study of small volume soft biological materials. The goal of this collaborative project is to achieve cellular-level and microstructural information that is not available at lower/intermediate magnetic fields, ultimately helping to provide a more sensitive characterization of the structure and dynamics of a range of biologically relevant materials, from bioregenerative tissues to soft matter and food systems.

Deadline: Space is limited and will be available until filled

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